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Kathleen said:
Friday, 23 Aug 2013
I am concerned about my husband who is not depressed but has a complex in the fact that he is antisocial by over compensating by being rude and arrogant. On his own with me he is really nice and I enjoy his company. He is a loving and caring husband to me but his problem spoils our friendships with others. I feel as if I do not want to go into other peoples company with him.
Jackie said:
Thursday, 18 Apr 2013
Do you have a list of pick-me-up distractions for low moods? Because for example I've had a really good couple of weeks, almost no low moods, but now my PMS is making me weepy and I just want to go to bed but I can't because I have all this homework to do! Thanks!
Julie said:
Thursday, 5 Jul 2012
Great content! can't wait to receive your newsletter!
Jane said:
Monday, 7 Nov 2011
Thanks ...I feel encouraged reading your site....I believe my husband is suffering Depression... but at the moment is reluctant to consider that he may be .....
Rosa alicia said:
Friday, 8 Jul 2011
Great information thank you
Carl said:
Thursday, 7 Apr 2011
I think your website is very good and very easy to read and understand when you are depressed.
Kathryn said:
Monday, 28 Feb 2011
Thanks for the website not having a good few days so thought I would do a little more research!
Yasar said:
Saturday, 15 Jan 2011
I liked your website.It is very helpful.Thank you very much.
Sharron said:
Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010
Very useful site I have suffered depression for years and been on medication, however I'm finding this particular "bout" harder to overcome. I am hoping to put this right (or will should I say) by reading up and hopefully counselling. Postive thinking all the way. Good site thank you.
Aisha said:
Saturday, 10 Jul 2010
It is an excellent website and is very helpful thank you
Jenny said:
Monday, 14 Jun 2010
My relationship with my partner is non existent, he tries and sometimes I do, but we have both hit rock bottom an cant get the love back that we had together because of all the arguing an hating on each other that we have done, its to easy for us both now just to argue. x
Corrina said:
Monday, 17 May 2010
I have found this website really usefull. I have recentely been perscribed medication for depression, but too scared to take them and didnt realise there were so many different options. Also it's nice to know that there are people out there that understand, as I feel that theres no one I can relate to at home.
Janet said:
Friday, 26 Mar 2010
Very interesting info.
Mike said:
Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010
A most usefull site, I feel better already
Julia said:
Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010
Thank you for providing this invaluable resource.
Georgianne said:
Sunday, 14 Feb 2010
I found this site very interesting and helpful. Guidelines are to the point and easy to understand. Thanks a lot :)
Julie said:
Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010
I found your site, while researching about depression, which Im suffering from again. Your site is very clear, easy to read and full of useful information, Im glad I found you, thank you.
Shirley said:
Monday, 23 Nov 2009
A very informative site, from the little I have seen so far. From the symptoms you describe I think I am suffering from depression. My fear is how to broach the subject with my GP, without sounding like a hypocondriac.
Carol said:
Thursday, 29 Oct 2009
A very informative site
Lorna said:
Sunday, 23 Aug 2009
Like your site and as a sufferer of depression found some of the self help useful
Eileen said:
Sunday, 12 Jul 2009
Hi my daughter has major depression with pyscosis her problem is she thinks her bones are broke which they are not I would be grateful for any information you have regarding this thanks eileen
Arthur said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
I'm looking to get some insight into depession. My oldest son, graduated last year but has been suffering from sleeping problems for a number of years. I'd like to help but my instinct wants to "fix". My problem (I have been told) is that I'm not listening but maybe I'm not tuned into the right messages and what I say is not really helping.
Susan said:
Sunday, 8 Mar 2009
Useful site will definately be visiting it again.
Matt said:
Monday, 2 Mar 2009
A very thorough website have found it most useful reading.
Vijay said:
Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009
I need some usefull thoughts
Ged said:
Monday, 2 Feb 2009
Seems like an interesting site
Claire said:
Monday, 5 Jan 2009
A very imformative site, has helped me understand a lot about my condition. thanks!x
Anonymous said:
Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008
Loads of useful information for people like me- partner of someone suffering from serious depression who has refused outside help.
Jennie said:
Friday, 10 Oct 2008
I'm finding your website interesting, but the one thing that is intenstley irritating is that all the pictures are of young, beautiful women. While it might not be particularly positive to feature people looking haggard and depressed and drawn, a reality check wouldn't go amiss and pictures of male and female people with a range of ages and looks would be more realistic!!!
Lily said:
Friday, 30 May 2008
I just listened to the bbc doc on depression and managed to find your website. Looking forward to hearing your news. lily
Ceila said:
Sunday, 11 May 2008
A very informative site and well updated. thanks
Stephen said:
Sunday, 17 Feb 2008
I do Excercise classes like Body Combat, by les mills, I watch funny films because I beleive I am worth the effort, I know self beleif is boring but it is a small step, the greatest journey begins with the smallest step.
Karen said:
Saturday, 12 Jan 2008
A brilliant,clear site. I wish id found it before, but it is still v. useful for myself and a person I know who is really struggling.
Avril said:
Monday, 19 Nov 2007
I think I suffer from depression but don't really know what I should do or who to talk to. im finding this site useful.
Carolin said:
Friday, 12 Oct 2007
Just found this site and think its great.the information given is very helpful especially about selfesteem,...and is like so true!!contains the essentials and hopefully more people learn about this!! thank you so much best regards
Natalie said:
Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007
Thanks for this great website, I look forward to receiving your newsletter