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Acquire OvercomeDepression

Our business focus has changed and we now looking to sell OvercomeDepression on to someone who can develop the site.


The last three month article pageviews data is shown below:

  • August 2021: 421 pageviews
  • September 2021: 194 pageviews
  • October 2021: 136 pageviews
  • This traffic was generated only organically, with no paid promotion, from 109 article pages. Each article was written by a commissioned author with expertise in their field, and the content cost £ 3,270 to produce.

    In addition, there are 271 comments which are provided with usename, comment, date and articleid reference.


    The minimum we will accept for this website and its content, images domain name is £200.

    What are we selling

    The website is coded in ColdFusion running off an SQL server database and the hosting is being closed down. We are therefore selling the following:
  • The domain name overcomedepression.co.uk
  • The exclusive rights to all the unique content, which has been checked for plagiarism by CopyScape.
  • 109 Article Pages, 271 Comments, 9 Categories and the Site Information.
  • The site has good backlinks and page authority. You can check it on moz.com by clicking here.

    A full list of the sites we are selling can be seen by clicking here.

    If you have any interest in buying the site then please use the form below to register your interest, and we will get back to you:

    PRIVACY: Your details will be used only to discuss the sale of the OvercomeDepression website.