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Treating Depression With Nutrition

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 27 Oct 2016 | comments*Discuss
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There are many reasons why someone may develop depression and a variety of possible treatment options for these people but there may also be a way of helping to ease the symptoms that can be done at home. Nutrition plays a very important role in everyone’s life and may be a factor in lowering the severity of depression.

What Role Does Nutrition Have Within Depression?

All organs in the human body are affected by the food we eat and this includes the brain.Chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters can be greatly influenced by diet and experts are now aware of how a poor diet can contribute towards depression, as are hormone and vitamin balance.

How Can I Improve My Diet To Help With Depression?

A diet that is balanced and includes all of the essential food groups will help lift your mood. Fresh fruit and vegetables will ensure that vitamins are included in the diet and keeping sugar levels balanced will help to prevent sugar highs followed by a sudden plummet that can influence the mood.

It may also be beneficial to be careful not to overcook vegetables and where possible eat them raw which are really good for snacking on if you are the type of person who likes to eat between meals.

Experts have found that those with depression have a tendency to crave carbohydrates and foods high in sugars and fat such as chocolate. The nutritional benefits of these are fairly low and succeed only in causing a surge in blood sugar that drops very quickly and it is advised that these kinds of foods are avoided or taken in very small quantities.

It has also been found that a shortage of some of the B vitamins can significantly alter mental state and that in some cases a supplementary form of the vitamins can be taken to help keep a healthy balance.It is advised that you speak to your doctor before taking any supplements as some can interfere with existing drug regimes.

I Really Don’t Feel Like Cooking. What Do I Do?

Most people are aware that a person suffering from depression will feel under-motivated and this may mean that it is difficult to maintain a good diet but most supermarkets now stock a good variety of already prepared fruit and vegetables that can be eaten straight away or require minimal effort.It may also help you if you plan your meals in advance as this will give you something to focus on.

If you have a family you can set a good example to them children by making sure there are plenty of fresh food items in the fridge and if you eat them yourself.Avoid alcohol at all times whilst suffering with depression as this not only alters your blood sugar levels but will have a negative effect on your mood and although may seem like a way of coping, will not help in any way and may make your symptoms worse.

I Have a Balanced Diet & I Feel The Same

It may be possible that you have a food allergy that is making your body unbalanced. Ask your doctor about food allergy testing or speak to a dietician or nutritionalist for further advice.It may also be possible that your thyroid is not functioning properly and this will need diagnosing and treating by your doctor.

Depression is a complex illness of both the body and mind and will often need medical intervention. It is however also important that the sufferers try and help themselves and addressing the diet is a good way to start.

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never wait for things to happen.you have to start with simple goals,start excersizing daily like running ,walking any place and go out .start a daily schedule goals .never depend on therany for long as long as you can afford it . you look like you are on a good start
thendi - 27-Oct-16 @ 5:32 PM
Hi I am suffering from depression. 2 years ago I managed to come off from antidepressants (after taking them for 9 months) and now I'm back to square one. This time I feel like got me even more deeper. I have been taking sertreline for 6 weeks now and feel bit better psychily but not mentally. I just want to get that normal feeling back .bit of excitement and happiness . Still found bed the most comfortable place . I am putting brave face on in work and fixing smile but it's not real . My husband and daughter don't really understand so can't rely on their support. I am waiting for some councilingtherapy - perhaps somebody will get through to my head . Lost all my confidence and really don't think I do good job at work . The biggest problem I have I think is fact that I am comparing myself to everyone around and feel like a big looser. If anyone can help with with bit of advice I would much appreciate Thank you
Malg - 31-Jul-16 @ 11:23 PM
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